about us



For almost two decades now, Connecture has worked hand-in-hand with payers, brokers and government agencies to create shopping, enrollment and engagement products that help people confidently enroll in the right health plan.

Covering all markets – group, individual, Medicare and the transitions in and out of each – our solutions drive improved acquisition and retention while reducing costs, increasing member loyalty, and enabling our clients to retain their members through every stage of life.

When you choose Connecture, you’re choosing to make it easy to create pathways for retention through life stages, decrease the cost of acquisition and retention, and empower consumers to make confident, informed decisions.


User-centered design

Our team applies a user-centered design approach to all of our solutions. By conducting extensive research and living with the problems our customer face, Connecture’s solutions are developed to solve business problems and move our customers forward.

Our research and user experience teams truly lead the industry by partnering with clients, users and consumers at the beginning of innovation. We reduce development time and create better solutions to the problems our clients – and their customers – face every day.

Research-driven solutions

It’s all about the data. Because we back all of our solutions in extensive research, our clients can take advantage of intelligence directed at solving their problems. Our team builds and analyzes primary and secondary research, national surveys, demographic-specific studies and user surveys. We leverage insights of brokers, call center reps, customers and user focus groups, usability studies, cognitive walkthroughs, onsite observations, academic research, and more.

All of this research drives a solid foundation for the decisions we make when designing our products. The result? Products that drive conversion and move our customers towards their goals.

Trusted by trusted brands

Every year, more than 20 million people enroll in health insurance with the help of our technology. Our technology solutions on Medicare.gov give access to plan and drug comparison tools to over 51 million beneficiaries, and more than 100 million people compare drug alternatives to find the lowest cost option for their medicine.

More stakeholders across the health insurance market trust Connecture to advance their business. You can, too.

Your data, save and sound

The security of your company, member, and prospect information is one of our highest priorities. We employ robust safeguards to protect login and authentication functions, and secure encryption to protect data during transmission to and from your database and while it’s stored in your system.