Connecture is your partner for delivering real engagement opportunities to your members, building loyalty, and moving your business forward.


to the three main drivers in today’s healthcare industry.

Decision Support Tools

More people are shopping for health insurance online than ever before, and that number only continues to grow. Connecture’s decision support tools empower you to meet consumers where they live online, on their terms – working with them to find the best solution, educating them along the way, and eliminating barriers to conversion.


Drawing on more than 15 years of health insurance experience, we help you understand the specific needs of your market and your consumers. We combine that with web analytics and transactional analytics for a more complete picture in real-time dashboards – and help you make smarter business decisions as a result.

Consumer Engagement Marketing Services

Dynamic and flexible consumer engagement support and marketing tactics to educate and empower consumers to make informed, confident choices about their health and financial security.

Health Savings Accounts

Single end-to-end user experience for administering reimbursement accounts coupled with a user experience that removes the complexity from decision making and streamlines health care management.


Engage more members by powering your website with the capability to help them save money on their prescriptions, which decreases your pharmaceutical costs while building member loyalty.

Ancillary Store

Manage all benefits in one place while simultaneously driving satisfaction by providing more choices and more value.  All of this is done on a system offering a wide range of ancillary product options.

Health & Financial Security Recommendations

Despite the energy and expense employers make to roll out benefits, employees and their families struggle with how to understand and prioritize health and financial benefits, leaving them unprepared for challenges.  Connecture’s ConsumerEdge Score offers unbiased recommendations to reduce financial and emotional stress while improving education and confidence.

Educational Videos

Connecture offers more than 40 animated educational videos that can be embedded into your shopping experience. Developed off of extensive research and user testing, the videos are 30-second definitions of terms we’ve found to be common obstacles to conversion.